Academics and Curriculum Offered at NLCA Based on Bible Studies Taught Each Day to All Academic Levels with ABeka Program and Ignitia Program Instructed to K5- 12th Grade

Kindergarten Program

The K5 program promotes a solid foundation in exceptional reading skills. With an intensive phonics approach, students begin reading words quickly. They learn to recognize long and short vowels, consonants, read one and two-vowel words and special sounds. Phonics review is practiced with correct cursive writing formation in writing tablets.

NLCA Elementary School

Students receive an education designed to provide Biblically-centered, challenging academic program for the average-above average student. This comprehensive program offers Bible, Arithmetic, Language Arts, History, Science/Health, Spelling, Reading and Penmanship.

A bi-weekly chapel program adds to our Bible curriculum and allows students to worship together. The goal is to teach students a mastery of subjects and develop enthusiastic interests and a strong sense of confidence. Tutoring classes are scheduled for those students who may be struggling.

NLCA Junior High School

Our junior high students continue to build on the foundation introduced in elementary school and develop new skills necessary for success in high school. Seventh and eighth grade students continue the A Beka program in an enjoyable, motivational atmosphere that’s conducive to learning.

The Biblically-centered curriculum includes Bible, Language Arts, Math, History, Science/Health, Spanish, Physical Education and Learning Power. Students at this grade level are eligible to participate in sports and club activities.

NLCA High School Core Curriculum


Through daily Bible instruction and use of a Christian, traditional curriculum, instructional methods, and procedures, students will be able to

  • apply biblical truths from God’s Word to their own personal lives
  • demonstrate knowledge of the doctrines of the Bible
  • choose prayer and memorizing Scripture to grow in faith


Through instruction from a practical, traditional approach, the students will be able to

  • demonstrate appropriate grade-level knowledge aligned with the detailed scope and sequence as outlined in the A Beka Book curriculum
  • achieve at or beyond grade level scores on nationally-normed standardized testing
  • enter a college program of study upon graduation


Through traditional teaching designed to address good character and through meeting program expectations, students will be able to

  • display personal integrity in a variety of situations in their everyday lives
  • discern right from wrong

New Life Christian Academy in Pike County strives to offer high schools students the best of both honors and standard curriculums. Emphasis is placed on God’s Word with the importance in acknowledging Him in every aspect of life helps guide the student and faculty in a mutual quest for knowledge.

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